General Assembly - October 10th

The general assembly of the Master Journey 2021 was called to order on 22.10.2020 8 pm via Zoom (due to the current Corona situation in Switzerland).

A new committee was presentated and elected. You can find the comittee on our page «Verein».

Further a vote on the journey destination and date was held. With 14 votes and a 2/3 majority, Montenegro is elected as the journey destination after three rounds of voting. (7 People voting for Slovenia in the end). The journey will take place between last exams and begin of the new semester (from 6th to 19th September 2021).

The participation fee was set to 330 CHF. The cost of the journey should mainly be covered with sponsoring, but also revenuee from events and selling of products. The participation fee could be payed back to everyone in the end if not all the money is spent on the journey.

The new comittee